UK cloud.

Fast, flexible, UK cloud hosting
scaling to 180 gigabytes of RAM.

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Start from £10

Our lowest-cost VM:

  • 1GiB RAM
  • 25GiB SSD disc space
  • 1 processor core
  • 1TB data transfer
  • Linux, Windows or any OS

Free trial, instant setup, using command-line or our control panel.

Scale Big

You can grow your VM up to:

  • 180GiB RAM
  • 16 cores
  • 8 discs, 16TiB storage

Pay only for what you use, down to the nearest day.

Real Storage

Connect up to 8 permanent discs, each with up to:

  • 2TiB standard SSD storage
  • 2TiB archive storage (for backups)
  • 2TiB fast Premium (Enterprise) SSD storage


What sets BigV apart:

  • SSD storage as standard!
  • Root & console access
  • Permanent IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Install from a CD or ready-made image
  • Wide range of systems available including Windows Server 2012
Full control

Take complete control over your VMs:

  • Use our web control panel
  • Or download our command-line client
  • Fully documented API
  • Choice of two geographically-separate UK zones
simple pricing from £10

Simple, low-priced Virtual Machines!

1 GiB RAM • 25GiB SSD disc space • 200GiB transfer

(Enough for tens of small web sites or one larger project)

Included with every account:

  • Web control panel to manage VMs
  • Replicated DNS service
  • Symbiosis easy server management
  • Telephone and email support
  • Choice of two geographically-separated UK zones (York and Manchester)

Upgrades as you need them:

+1GiB RAM : +£10 (to 180GiB/16 cores*)

+100GiB archive disc space : +£2 (to 2TiB per disc**)

+10GiB standard SSD disc space : +£2 (to 2TiB per disc**)

Full price list...

* 1 extra processor core per 4GiB RAM

** Maximum 8 discs per server, of any type


Cloud hosting for busy developers
not just network wizards.

We invented BigV ourselves and based it around our 8 years of experience with real hosting customers. Other cloud services want you to bend your application to suit them. We made better decisions so you can run your hosting the way it suits you. Let our pixellated software developers tell you:

Scale vertically

I like to scale vertically.

BigV's 180GiB servers mean that I don't have to optimise my code before I'm ready - that means more code, and faster!

Flexible discs

I like having real discs.

BigV gives me a choice of permanent storage options, so I don't have to worry about slow I/O speeds or disappearing data.

Just like a dedicated server

Root access is brilliant!

Installing my server is easy because I can use my own CD-ROM, and see the VM's screen like I'm in front of a real server.


Horizontal scaling - wow!

I can program BigV to provision lots of servers at peak times, but can pay for only a day at a time. That's a real saving over dedicated servers.

Just like a dedicated server

I'm not a Linux guru

… but that's OK because Bytemark gave me a very reasonable price for managing my servers for me.


I just like Bytemark

…they built BigV themselves, their own servers and answer the phone when I've got a problem. They're a small team and don't pass the buck!


Excellent support and billing.

Bytemark have been around since 2002 and know you want more than infrastructure. With Bytemark, you get support from human beings and a billing system that works for sole traders and large enterprises.

email email


International: +44 1904 890898

Toll-free (US): +1 855 444 BIGV


Support hours

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm (UK time)

Full contact details, including 24 hour pager

excellent support and billing
try diagram

BigV is a product of Bytemark Hosting, so you can rely on their fully-owned infrastructure and diverse core network.

Real and permanent

It's just like having your own rack!

  • Create a private LAN between your servers *;
  • Use IPv6 with any of your systems;
  • Install new servers from CD, or a pre-built image;
  • Upgrade memory or disc capacity whenever you're ready;
  • Choice of two geographically-separated UK zones (York and Manchester);
  • Add Bytemark dedicated servers to your LAN *.

* can be added manually, ask support.


BigV is a product of Bytemark Hosting. Get started! Sign up now for a free trial >